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Easter, COVID-19, and the Ultimate Game Changer

As we celebrate Easter in the wake of COVID-19, death counts rise and the disease continues to spread. And we are all too poignantly reminded of our own mortality. It's the perfect time for Easter -- the HOPE of the resurrection! Whether the threat is COVID-19, cancer, or just old age, death inevitably comes to us all. But there is a game-changer: the only one who ever rose from the dead NEVER to die again, and He is JESUS.

He is our HOPE and the foundation of what we wish to share at HOPE Literacy. We can improve people's lives through language and literacy training. That's great. But we can change people's eternity by sharing the love of Christ. That's everything!

So as we approach this Easter Sunday, let's celebrate like never before. Christ is our Game Changer -- because of Him, we don't need to fear. His resurrection conquered it all.


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