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HOPE Literacy exists to serve you -- newcomers and ESL/citizenship programs that serve newcomers with the love of Christ. Contact us so that we can help you fulfill your calling.

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We know that providing high-quality ESL and citizenship classes doesn't come easy.  From finding the right curricula to finding good training for your teachers to managing the whole program, this kind of ministry is not for the faint-hearted. But it is as powerful as it is essential.

That's why we want to invest in those who have the heart to serve the "stranger among us" (Deut 10:19).

Twenty years ago, HOPE Literacy recognized the need for ESL and literacy training, and that need has only grown more prevalent. The rate of illiteracy in Texas today stands at 20 percent. According to the US Department of Education, Texas ranks 47th out of all 50 states with regard to literacy levels, and those low literacy levels trap people in a cycle of poverty that is difficult to overcome. Contributing to Texas' low literacy rate is the fact that many have just begun to learn English. In 2018 alone, Texas became home to 1,692 victims of war and persecution (refugees). Countless others have immigrated from various countries and made North Texas their home. In fact, the American Immigration Council reports, “One in six Texas residents is an immigrant, while 15 percent of residents are native-born U.S. citizens with at least one immigrant parent.” These newcomers often do not have basic English skills, and many have limited education. This contributes to the fact that in Tarrant County, one in five people cannot read above the fourth-grade level, according to a National Assessment of Adult Literacy Survey.


Founded and built on prayer, HOPE Literacy seeks to empower and develop church and community programs that reach out to and serve immigrants, refugees, and those in need through English as a Second Language and Literacy classes.


HOPE Literacy provides recruitment, training, and financial support to mission-minded individuals, churches, and community ministries.  HOPE is not intended to compete with any other secular or religious group.  Our objective is to begin new programs and stand alongside existing ones to help them maintain a consistent standard of excellence.  


In 1997, HOPE Literacy, Inc. became a non-profit corporation, registered in the state of Texas, based in Fort Worth.  It received its 501(c)(3) designation in 2002.


We started the Metroplex Literacy Conference five years ago to raise awareness and meet Tarrant County's need for literacy programs.  We joined the Tarrant County Literacy Coalition to network with programs and individuals in surrounding counties who share the need for literacy. Today, HOPE Literacy reaches beyond Texas and now has a site in Nicaragua.

Our mission is to Help Other People Excel in life by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through English Language and literacy instruction: establishing, equipping, operating, supporting, and resourcing church and community literacy programs.

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