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Divine Connections

Susan Frazier has always been interested in things international, so when she heard about her church's ESL program and the wonderful stories from someone in her small group, Sarah Wright, she was intrigued. Sarah, the program's director at the time, encouraged Susan to come check it out, and soon she and her husband were volunteering weekly. After Sarah and another director had to move on, Susan joined the ESL leadership team at Central Bible Church.

This summer, as news headlines displayed footage of the fall of Afghanistan and desperate Afghans fleeing their country, Susan wanted to help but didn't know how. Months later, Afghan families began to flood in as they were transferred from the military camps, some with not much more than the clothes on their backs. And though the stories have disappeared from the headlines, they continue to come in.

Meanwhile, upon moving back to Fort Worth, my former missions pastor asked me to reach out to a new Afghan family that had just been placed in Arlington, far from their family members and this church’s ESL program. As I worked with the family, I met a doctor who was also helping them. He was from Central Bible Church--one of our HOPE Literacy sites! Soon we found out that there was not just one family needing assistance, but 5 families who needed jobs, transportation, food, furniture - and English classes!

At a network meeting with HOPE Literacy directors, I learned that Susan taught at a school just down the street from these families’ apartment complex! It was also at that meeting that Susan, along with other directors, were able to get much needed advice on how to reach those in their communities with the love of Christ from other more experienced directors.

There is now an enthusiastic group of new arrivals participating in Central's ESL program each week. Members at Central Bible have eagerly worked together to care for these families, providing much needed donations and help. What a great testimony of God's love for these people before they ever arrived, putting together the right connections! Despite the tragic circumstances, God's love shines brightest when there is great need. We are also reminded of God faithfulness in putting the right opportunities in our paths when we come to him with open hands and hearts that are ready to serve Him. Thank you, Central Bible Church, for your love and hard work!

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