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COVID and Being There for Each Other

It's 2020 and times are tough for everybody -- especially for newcomers to America.

  • The economy is struggling, and so many have lost their jobs. 

  • Many have battled sickness with limited healthcare options.

  • Depression rates are soaring due to social distancing and quarantines.

If you are a resettled refugee or immigrant facing these setbacks, you are hit many times harder. And that American dream you have long worked toward feels more out of reach than ever. The isolation is unbearable. That's why HOPE Literacy is working harder than ever to meet people where they are with language, literacy, and the love the Christ. Even though many sites had to shut down in the short run, HOPE's directors and teachers have continued to strive to meet people's needs. Some have gotten involved in food distributions, others have provided English classes on Facebook or sent texts to students. The most important thing is that we are checking in on each other -- letting our students know they are not alone and that someone cares for them. Several sites are so determined to meet the need, they have already reopened their doors, having implemented safety protocols. The rest plan to open in January. HOPE Literacy's board and staff have used this critical time to prepare resources for our sites -- resources that include online options that sites can offer their students as well as additional curricula. We know we must grow and change in order to truly meet the needs of those we serve in this changing world. But there are costs involved with "pivoting" to meet the needs, and the sad reality is that people are just not giving to nonprofits the way they did a year ago. Right now, going into the final two months of the year, HOPE Literacy has raised a little more than half what it needs. That means to cover our budget for 2020, we have to raise $48,000 in the next two months. It all seems impossible. But as the angel responded to Mary in Luke 1:37: "With God, nothing will be impossible." And so we hold on to this truth as we invite you to be a part of our miracle. We know that giving now is tougher than it's ever been before. Yet somehow that makes the giving more meaningful. HOPE Literacy values each one of you and recognizes your sacrifices when you support us. You are miracle workers in the hands of a providing God, and we thank you. GIVE HOPE.

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