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Stuck at Home

With so many of us stuck at home and so many events and classes canceled, it can be frustrating because we long to fulfill that which God has called us to do. Sometimes, I wonder if this is how the Apostle Paul felt when he was under house arrest, awaiting his appeal to Ceasar. Paul couldn't travel or preach, he was stuck with a Roman guard and nothing but time, and Paul had to decide what to do with the time he'd been given.

Thanks to that imprisonment, we have the letters he wrote to the Philippians, Ephesians, Colossians, and Philemon -- a large part of the New Testament.

Each of us is under a kind of "house arrest" right now. The question is what will we do with the time we've been given?

HOPE Literacy is seizing the opportunity to explore something we've talked about for some time: develop online English classes. By making language and literacy classes available through an online platform, we'll be able to serve more newcomers than ever before. We will also be able to expand to serve people around the globe.

And there are very practical ways you can help make the online English school a reality:

1. Help us recruit interested churches and volunteers who want to minister as online language teachers.

2. If you have experience and ideas, give us your input on how to best make this a reality. Write me at

3. Invest in HOPE Literacy by becoming a regular financial partner. (See button below).

4. Pray for God's direction and blessing on this project.

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