Is Ministry Worth the Risk during COVID?

In the age of COVID, every day people ask the question: Is going out in society worth the risk? Some have chosen to take the gamble for a vacation -- others for a party. We who work in ministry must ask the same question and the stakes are high.

HOPE Literacy's site at World Relief North Texas reopened this week with ESL, citizenship, and digital literacy classes because "some things are just worth taking a risk for," World Relief Volunteer Coordinator, Russell Chun, explains.

Like all schools and public venues, the HOPE site at Ladera Palms Apartments, operated by World Relief North Texas, was forced to shut down last March as the threat of COVID-19 spread through our nation. And while the virus has attacked some people's health, it has impacted the emotional and spiritual well-being of many more. People need the classes to build their future, but even more so, they need the connection to others that the classes bring.