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Giving is Now Open!

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Are you passionate about serving refugees and immigrants with the love of Christ? Do you believe in the power of a quality education to improve quality of life? Help us further our cause by participating in our North Texas Giving Day campaign! Here's our page:

Here are some ways you can get involved:

  1. Pray

  2. Make an early donation

  3. Start your own personal FUNdraiser!

  4. Come to one of our events

  5. Recruit others

1. Pray. This is ultimately the Lord's work, and not ours. Even if we could raise millions of dollars for our organization, it would mean nothing unless this were the Lord's work. Let's ask the Lord of the harvest to provide the funds to serve more people this year.

1. Make an early donation. Giving is now open on the North Texas Giving Day website. Help us get the ball rolling by making your donation now. Here is a link to our page:

2. Start your own personal FUNdraiser! Remember the days of selling things from a catalog to raise funds for your school or your child's school? We would like to invite all our directors and board members to all participate by starting their own fundraisers. On the same page next to the "Donate" button, you will find another button that says "Fundraise". This will allow you to create your own page with a link where friends and family can give. There is a template available, but we encourage you to personalize your message. Communicate the vision to your family and friends and encourage them to give through your personal FUNdraiser. Let's also have some friendly competition and see who can raise the most! To pave the way, we have already created our own FUNdraising pages!

3. Come to one of our events. THIS COMING FRIDAY, September 9 from 6-8:30pm we will gather to write letters to past donors and people within our organization. We are offering free T-shirts to the first 20 people who come to help (all directors and board members will already receive their T-shirts regardless of participation). If you would prefer to fundraise with others, we will call and text friends and family on September 22. PLEASE REGISTER on our website if you plan to participate.

4. If you are a director or volunteer...Recruit your teachers and/or students. Share your FUNdraiser with your site members and set a goal as a site! Or, allow each teacher to set up their own pages for more friendly competition. If you are a teacher, invite students to attend the fundraising events with you.

Thank you for being a part of our organization, and thank you for your support in making this the best fundraising year yet to serve even more people.