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Best Free Resources for Teaching Online

HOPE Literacy is working to equip our sites with online resources so that critical ESL programs don’t have to be put on hold. HOPE Literacy is developing an online curriculum that will be available to all HOPE Sites in the months ahead. Here’s an overview of some popular resources that we are incorporating into our curriculum to maximize the effectiveness of online ESL learning:

Whether teaching in a classroom or online, Google Classroom provides teachers with a platform to organize and present their classes including managing assignments, hosting online meetings, and tracking grades. Get a good overview by watching this video:

If you are looking to get your students to interact and work together on an assignment, Google Jamboard can make that happen in an online environment. Teachers can present an image, ask questions, and students can respond in real-time. This tool can be particularly useful in ESL as students can give short written responses. Learn more:

Speaking and listening skills are critical to the ESL learning process. Google Meet or Zoom can help teachers continue to develop their students’ skills during the pandemic. Google classroom recently integrated Google meet into its platform to improve the learning environment. and

Worksheets may never be the same. Check out these ideas for using Google slides to create "Drag and Drop" worksheets that students can complete online and turn in using a computer, tablet, or even a phone.

At the end of the day, practice is what will help our students develop their language skills. Various online resources can help teachers gamify skills practice. Explore resources like Quizlet and Kahoot to practice vocabulary retention. and

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