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Image by Sebastian Herrmann

Top Correctable Problems in Teaching ESL

1. Lessons with too much teacher talk;

2. Very little preparation time with not a lesson plan in sight;


3. Lack of communicative activities and games for adequate practice;


4. Teaching more than 8-12 new vocabulary words per class time;


5. Lack of guided practice after the new material has been introduced;


6. New material introduced without enough visuals to give students understanding;


7. Little or no reading and writing practice;


8. Guided practice that is so slow a moving a turtle would pass it by;


9. A poor placement tool so that students are placed in classes too hard or too easy;


10. Placing students in a class according to there level of understanding, not speaking ability;


11. Teaching material that is not relevant to the students needs;


12. Lack of teacher interest in the students themselves;


13. Lack of some accountability;


14. And teachers being too pushy in evangelism.

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